In Love With Lumity - The Anti-Ageing Superhero Supplement


Exclusive to OSLO in Ireland, Lumity is one of beauty's best kept secrets. Well, it was, until now. An all-natural, firm favourite of a whole host of stars - including Yasmin LeBon - Lumity's premise is one that we can all relate to: how can we grow older and wiser yet retain the energy and radiance of our youth? An age old question, Lumity makes for a convincing argument that yes, it's possible to blossom and thrive as we mature.

Created by Sara Palmer Hussey, PHD, Lumity is the result of a fusion of her academic studies on biology with her own realistic vantage point as a working, single mother. For Sara and countless other women, modern life's plethora of demands often lead to unmanageable stress levels. As a knock-on effect, our nutritional choices are poor as we live on the go, and as we work crazy hours, our sleep patterns suffer too. Add to that our reliance on caffeine and sugar as temporary coping mechanisms, and before you know it you're constantly lethargic, your body isn't functioning optimally and your skin shows premature signs of ageing. Then, desperate for some R&R, we book ourselves in for a week in the sun which, as we're all well aware by now, does nothing but harm as far as our skin's concerned.

Lumity is an anti-ageing supplement that you take daily, morning and night, restoring nutrients lost through the effects of this aforementioned lifestyle. Sara worked tirelessly to determine the specific nutrients necessary to repair, increase and sustain youthfulness. These nutrients work collectively to rejuvenate and revitalise our bodies from the inside out, nourishing our hair, skin, nails and ultimately giving you that inner glow that too often feels elusive.

As for why it stands head and shoulders above all other anti-ageing products? Lumity is the only supplement on the market to address all 9 causes of ageing. Most other supplements offer a mix of antioxidants to tackle ageing. However, oxidative damage is just one of 9 processes that are ongoing and interdependent in the body. This means that no real, lasting results can be enjoyed if 8 out of the 9 processes of ageing are not being addressed and are free to drag down any benefits provided by antioxidants. Lumity offers the most effective nutritional support on the market to help your body delay and reverse the onset of ageing in the body, so that you can continue to feel and look your best age ever for years to come.

The 9 causes of ageing:

  • Oxidative Damage
  • Cellular Debris
  • Glycation
  • Telomere Shortening
  • DNA Damage
  • Inflammation
  • Cellular Energy Decline
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Hormonal Decline

 "My aim was to create a product that offers real, tangible benefits. I thought if we could offer women something that noticeably improves the way they feel on a daily basis and gives them an effortlessly healthy, glowing appearance, they would have the energy and freedom to focus more on the things they love." - Sara.

Read more on the science behind this incredible formula here, and check out the wonderful list of ingredients below in both the daytime and nighttime capsules.

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